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Welcome to Health and Rehab Therapies in Monroe. This website was created to help people understand what Chiropractic Neurology is and answer common questions regarding the treatment of common and uncommon ailments, especially those that have either failed to respond to previous attempts or have been told by a doctor "We can't find anything wrong."

I made the decision to practice in Monroe because I feel comfortable in this community. I find the people, in general, to be friendly and respectful. My practice is the first and only Chiropractic Neurology practice in Monroe North Carolina. Although the clinical practice of Chiropractic Neurology began over 40 years ago it was not within easy access in Monroe until now.

Health and Rehab Therapies

Although there are other Chiropractors in Monroe NC, our clinic is the only Chiropractic Neurology clinic. At Health and Rehab Therapies, we don't treat symptoms, we treat people. Following thorough neurologic testing and examination we utilize evidence based, through the use of researched studies, therapies to help people who suffer become people who used to suffer. Or, at least suffer less frequently. These are people who have been to a Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Medical Doctor, Chiropractor or a number of other possible practitioner's.


Dr. Kerr was recently featured as a Top Rated Chiropractor for his writing on Chiropractic Neurology. Click below to read his article!

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    At Health and Rehab Therapies, we don't treat conditions or attempt to diagnose anyone. We test and examine people to understand what is not working properly neurologically. After gaining this information we create a specific therapy plan based on those findings. We have treated and had success with patients previously diagnosed with neurodegenerative disorders, autoimmune conditions, movement disorders, learning disabilities, concussion, headache/migraine, infertility, digestive trouble, pain syndromes, sleep disturbance, and some who could not be diagnosed and were told either they don't have a problem or you may have a problem but we can't figure out what it is.


    The staff at Health and Rehab Therapies believe it is important that our community knows the truth about Chiropractic Neurology and seeks to dispel the common misconceptions associated with Chiropractic Neurology and chiropractic in general. Click here to read more about common chiropractic misconceptions.

    If the idea of treatment at Health and Rehab Therapies is of interest to you or someone you know contact us at (704) 776-8667 for a no-charge consultation or screening through our Telehealth or in person.